I just bought some flowers from you. How do I keep them fresh as possible?

We recommend that you change the water as often as you remember and feel free to give the ends a quick snip now and then. Keep them out of direct sunlight and away from any other major heat source. And don't put your flowers in the fridge! If your fridge is too cold, it will wilt them. Just keep them somewhere cool. And kitchens are a great place to showcase your flowers, but don't put them near that fruit bowl as ripening fruit and veggies will shorten your vase life. The ethylene gas that they emit can make your blooms wilt, shed or discolour.

Can we tour your flower farm?

No, sorry.  The farm is on private property and is not currently accessible to the public. We are hoping that in 2021 we will be able to provide some exciting events at the farm.

Do you really grow everything that you post and/or that you include in your arrangements?

Yes. Yes we do. Even eucalyptus. From the flowers to the filler, we grow it all. And all in fields.

What are your hours?

We have none. Not really. Our roadside stand opens at 9 am on the days it is open and closes around 5 or if we sell out. And of course, if Mother Nature decides to shut us down because of rain or a storm etc, we will do so. But you are always welcome to message us if you need/want flowers for a special event, occasion or 'just because' during the week!!! Please see our SPECIAL ORDERS page for details.

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