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We love flowers.  And if you're a florist in the Windsor/Essex County area, we trust that you do too. And beginning this year, we would love to share our harvest with you. 

To become a member, you MUST have a floral business.
Please fill out the form below and once received, we will contact you with details on how you can view our weekly availability (please check your spam folder if you don't hear from us with 3 days)



We release our availability list on our website every Thursday or Friday on our private wholesale page which you will be given a password for. Orders must be in no later than Monday at 7pm. We deliver on Tuesday and Thursday mornings for a small fee (you can also pick up your order by appointment).



We grow in over 2 acres in fields. Because we don’t use typical greenhouses, we are seasonal, usually from April to October. We are passionate about taking care of our flowers, our soil (which is incredibly rich) and our planet and therefore go to extreme lengths to ensure what we use regarding farming and packaging has a lot of environmental thought behind it. We are very hands on - from picking insects off manually to pruning and weeding.



We grow the ‘standards’ – stock, tulips, feverfew, snapdragons etc – but we also specialize in high end blooms such as dahlias, Italian ranunculus, lisianthus, peonies to name just a few. We love unique flowers as well as uncommon but beautiful filler and foliage and would love to bring new and exciting product to you and your business.

Besides those mentioned above, some of the flowers we grow (always subject to change) include celosia, rudbeckia, sunflowers, anemones, yarrow, mountain mint, sweet William, straw flower, allium, eucalyptus, nigella, hypericum (St John’s wort) and many more!



One word: freshness. Our flowers grew up just around the corner from you, not Ecuador or Kenya or Holland. They will never get to fly in a plane, like the majority of cut flowers do.

When they arrive at your floral shop, they have personally been delivered by us, they have had very limited handling, they have not been subjected to harsh chemicals to extend their vase life, nor subjected to extreme changes in temperature and they have less issues with mold, bruising and dehydration. Not only that, but since we are close by, in some cases, we can help out with a last minute order and get flowers to you quickly.

And with communication between us, we can help lower your product shrinkage so that a higher percentage of the flowers you get in, actually get SOLD.


We look forward to working with you!

Wholesale Application

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